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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the one thing that stands between your site/blog/store/forum/business and success. Every day millions of people are searching for millions upon millions of things online, and if you don’t have good SEO then you aren’t being seen. Out of those millions of people searching, none of them are going past the first couple of pages. If someone can’t find what they want on the first couple pages, they search again. SEO Service from KickSEO is how you get your site from obscurity to page one.

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Our SEO Services start by finding the keywords to target that will not only bring you the most traffic, but the traffic that will convert the best. Then we will optimize your site to make sure that it is plain and clear to google what your site is about and what keywords your site should be shown for. Then we will create promotional pages, videos, mini sites, blogs and more all pointing to you. We’re not going to spam comments on a thousand blogs pointed at your site, KickSEO is about quality SEO Service that won’t risk damaging your sites reputation of getting you blacklisted. Links pointing to your site will be manually created google approved and extremely effective.

We charge only $300 per month, a fraction of the costs of competitors or for other forms of advertising. (A good adsense campaign can cost upwards of $800 per month). We also offer 3 months for $800, which also comes with our 3 month money back guarantee! If our SEO Service doesn’t get you on page one within 3 months, we’ll send back your $800 or we’ll keep working on your site for free until it is page one!

One Month of SEO Services

3 Months of SEO Services

SEO – The Fickle Mistress

After months and months of work, you have a site on page one of search results, all that SEO has paid off. You start slacking and working on SEO for a different site instead, check again and your page one masterpiece has dropped to page three. SEO is a very fickle creature. There is always a new algorithm, a new competitor, a new hurdle lurking around every corner. SEO is a continuous battle that takes a lot of work, determination, and a little luck. Even once you hit page one, if you don’t keep those backlinks trickling in, those blogs linking in, those keywords moving, that content changing then your SEO will stumble and fall back to where it came from – oblivion.

You Need a Partner!

We here at Kick SEO know what determination it takes to get to the top results. Beyond that, we know how to aim for target keywords and niches so that every site can bring in some of that search gold. It’s about more than getting to page one, it’s about getting to page one for the keywords that will get you high conversions and less waste of bandwidth. Its more than just gaining traffic, SEO is about gaining QUALITY traffic. That is exactly what Kick SEO can do for you with our SEO Services.

Kick SEO Variety of services

We offer more than just backlinks or just optimization with our SEO Service, we can and will help you with any and all aspects of getting your site(s) where you want them. If you want to do SEO yourself but need help and advice from professionals, check out our cheap SEO consulting. If you already know what you are doing and just want some good rates for backlinks, check out our cheap backlinks. If you want full SEO Services so you can just leave it to us and enjoy the results, we can definitely do that. Have a look around the site, there are a lot of various products, services, and even free SEO tips and ideas that will help you along the way. Also check out the SEO blog where we will share SEO tips and SEO tricks for free.

Don’t know what you want from Kick SEO? Just ask Us!

Do you want to get to the top but don’t know what package or service is right for your needs? Feel free to ask us! Just head to the contact us page and we will get back to you ASAP and be happy to discuss your SEO goals, budget, and realize your success.

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